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Download 18 wheels of steel long haul full version. Floral color wheel. Cheap mag wheels sydney.

Download 18 Wheels Of Steel Long Haul Full Version

download 18 wheels of steel long haul full version

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Surly Long Haul Trucker

Surly Long Haul Trucker

This is my Long Haul Trucker from Surly. This photo is about 6 months after I purchased the bike, built, from Topanga Creek Bicycles in Los Angeles (BEST. BIKE SHOP. EVAR!). It has about 500 miles of on and off-road travel on it now. I haven't even had to replace an inner-tube on this bike yet!

Since I've purchased it, I've added:
STI shifters
Brooks Champion Flyer saddle
Surly Nice Racks (front and rear)
Minnehaha large panniers
Acorn Boxy Rando Bag
Woody's custom wood fenders
VO dual leg kickstand
VO "vintage" water bottle cages
VO leather half toe clips
Park frame pump

This bike is a beast. When I purchased it, it weighed in at ~35lbs. Since then I've added more and more and more weight, so it probably weighs in closer to 50lbs now. It truly is a truck; it takes a while to get up to speed, but once it's rolling it's solid, stable, and will carry anything. It's also very comfortable. I've never had any arm / leg / back pain from this bike. It's a great commuter, a great tourer, and it really turns heads up on the local Mt Bike trails ;-)

Long Haul Trucker

Long Haul Trucker

The final commuter. Started as a cross check and ended as a long haul trucker. Luckily along the way the components kept getting better.

Components include:

Frame: Black 62cm Long Haul Trucker (2011)
Wheels: Mavic A319 with LX hubs (built by Peter White)
Drivetrain: Tiagra front, LX rear, 11-34t cassette, Dura Ace barcons
Crank: Sugino xd triple
Tires: Continental Contact 32mm, but in the winter I run 35mm with studs
Brakes: Tektro Cantilever (love these for 1/4 price of Pauls), Tektro levers
Headset: Velo Orange Grand Cru
Velo Orange 17deg stem
Fenders: SKS
Bars: Nitto Noodle 48cm
Saddle: Brooks B17
Pedals: MKS touring
Light: HD EDC mounted with Two Fish strap, Planet Bike Superflash rear
Rack: Cheap Aluminum

download 18 wheels of steel long haul full version

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